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Dental Cleaning Services in Pickering for a Flawless Smile

Teeth can get stained due to sugary drinks, smoking, coffee, and improper oral hygiene. Our dental cleaning services in Pickering can help you get your teeth back to their natural shine!

Seaton Place Dental is a family-friendly clinic that aims to create a warm and welcoming environment so that you can build a long-term relationship with us and get the dental care you deserve. We advise you to get routine dental checkups done to identify and treat oral health problems.

General Dentistry Services

Whether you are a kid or an adult, our dentists can give you the dental care you need. The following are some general dentistry services we offer:

Oral examination

Our dentists examine your gums, teeth and your whole mouth when you schedule an oral exam with us. These examinations can help you identify any minor problems in the early stages. You can then get the necessary treatment done to avoid any severe troubles in the future. We recommend you schedule regular oral examinations to highlight any serious oral issues today.

Dentist showing tablet pc computer to kid patient and his father at dental clinic
Happy elderly woman enjoying her beautiful toothy smile looking to the mirror in the dental office

Periodontal examination

These tests are conducted to check the strength of your gums. Between your gums and the point where a tooth is attached to them, there are gaps known as pockets that can sometimes get affected by bacteria and germs. This can cause gum diseases, and you may face symptoms like swelling, bad smell and pain. A periodontal examination can timely diagnose such issues and save you from getting infected by severe oral diseases. 

Happy family for tooth examination

Oral cancer examination

Oral cancer is a serious disease that can cause a lot of pain and trouble if not diagnosed at the right time. Our dentists can conduct examinations to look for red-white patches inside the mouth. If found, these patches then undergo testing to see if they are cancerous or not. If you are ever in doubt, make sure that you schedule an oral cancer examination with us and get an immediate diagnosis.

portrait of young smiling blond good-looking woman on dental examination

Tooth examination

To ensure that your teeth are healthy and there is no sign of decay or damage, you should get regular oral examinations done. When you schedule an appointment with us, we will make sure that we identify all the problems and provide you with appropriate solutions for them.

Biting, chewing and grinding check

Biting, chewing or grinding teeth are common issues and can happen without you noticing them. Our dentists can perform tests related to determining the exact problem. After that, you will be given the proper treatment plan and solutions.

Small boy showing problematic tooth to his dentist while being at dentist's office with his father.
Happy family with toothbrushes near mirror in bathroom.

Dental cleaning

While brushing twice a day and flossing can keep your teeth clean, wear and tear that they face over the years can cause them to look yellow or dirty. Our dental cleaning services are designed to ensure that every corner of your mouth is clean and you have shiny white teeth.


You cannot see every corner of your teeth and especially not what’s happening inside them. For such requirements, imaging technologies like x-ray play a significant role and help in identifying dental problems in the early stages. 

Rear view of man and dentist in dental surgery, annual check-up.
Young boy looking at the mirror with toothy smile sitting on the chair with dentist and assistant at the dental office

Pediatric dentistry

Our staff is great with children and can help them with any dental procedure needed for their oral health. We will work with your child to make them comfortable during the entire process.

When Was Your Last Dental Cleaning?

Let our dentists do a full dental cleanup, including below the gum line.

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