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Get Stress-free Root Canals Treatment in Pickering

If you have a single tooth that is persistently painful, especially when you eat, you definitely have a problem that needs immediate attention. Root canals are recommended on decayed, traumatized, sensitive or painful teeth. Seaton Place Dental provides trusted root canal treatment in Pickering that can help you save your natural tooth from extraction. All our treatments are done using advanced technology and up-to-date equipment.

A lot of people are scared of root canals as they are infamous for being a painful procedure. However, our professional and experienced dentists can minimize the discomfort through sedation and with a gentle touch. We can provide root canal treatments for children and adults at our family-friendly dental clinic. Call us today to know more about the procedure.

Early Diagnosis Can Help

The earlier a problem is diagnosed, the easier the root canal treatment is. Root canal treatment is required when the nerve of a tooth is affected by severe infection or decay. Check for the following signs:

An abscess or pimple on the gums

Sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures

Tremendous and constant tooth pain

Swelling and/or tenderness

If you experience these symptoms, be quick and consult our dentist to check if a root canal is required or not. 

Happy female patient after root canal treatment

Save Your Tooth!

Infected teeth can cause serious toothache. If the pain is severe, or the infection spreads beyond the tooth, opt for a root canal treatment.

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