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Get a Perfect Smile with Our Teeth Alignment Services

A crooked smile with misaligned teeth appears unattractive. If you are searching for complete teeth alignment in Pickering, without the use of traditional wires and brackets, then Invisalign is the right solution. Nowadays, there are many cosmetic dentistry solutions available, including Invisalign, clear aligners, and other orthodontic services. They are quite budget-friendly, efficient and offer long-lasting results! At Seaton Place Dental, we can help you or your children with teeth alignment services with custom-made teeth aligners that can bring your beautiful smile back!

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Are you looking to repair decayed, broken, cracked or chipped teeth? Change the shape, size and alignment of your teeth with our cosmetic dentistry treatments. 


Orthodontics deals with the identification and correction of misaligned teeth using braces or Invisalign. The aim is teeth straightening and alignment. When you visit Seaton Place Dental, our certified Orthodontists will do a complete assessment of your teeth, jaw and underlying structures of your mouth. Then, we will recommend an appropriate corrective solution for you. Braces are used to improve the function and overall appearance of the teeth. If you ever need orthodontic treatment, make sure you call us to book an appointment with one of our dentists.

Healthy orthodontics braces with Invisalign
Boy smiling with Invisalign guard


The dentists at Seaton Place Dental use Invisalign as it is a comfortable and efficient dental straightening procedure. Also, it is easy to manage, and you won’t have to restrict yourself from eating or drinking anything. Invisalign can help you with a bunch of different dental problems, such as:

Gapped/spaced teeth

Misaligned teeth

Crowded teeth

Biting problems like overbite or underbite

Reshape Your Teeth Today

With Invisalign, you can get a long-term solution for misaligned teeth at an affordable cost.

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